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Former Students Giving Back

The smell of hot dogs and the sounds of football on any given Saturday in the Fall generally means it’s College game day, but for many the game itself offers a way to give back through volunteering.

On a recent Saturday, former Jane Long Middle School student Esmeralda Villanueva sent out word that concession stand workers at Kyle Field were needed to help raise funds for sprucing up the marquis sign outside Jane Long.

Former Jane Long students, volunteers from Bryan Collegiate High School and others responded to the call, raising $700. The funds will be used for the marquis sign improvements, small teacher classroom grants and a modest grant for the sign language group at Bryan Collegiate.

These efforts aren’t atypical for any weekend or most any evening throughout the year, as dedicated students, volunteers and community leaders take part in the pride and ownership of Bryan ISD. 

The district thanks each and every volunteer who steps forward to serve. No matter the cause nor the amount of money raised, each helping hand lifts Bryan ISD. Thank you.

Photo: Kyle Field game day volunteers help raise funds for Jane Long, Bryan Collegiate projects